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Konstantinos Toulis


Thessaloniki, Greece






Bachelor of Marketing & Advertising


Computing, Public Relations

About me

My passions are communication, meeting people, and computing. I have always considered myself to be successful in marketing because I am the link between the product and the consumer. I have experience in retail, sales, and run our family business as a manager/admin, with success in control and operations management. My creativity, combined with my excellent skills in marketing, makes me a leader in promoting any product and service, with respect to the consumer. I foresee a successful career with respect and determination.

Everyone can be innovative even if you are selling something that everyone does!

John Hancock

My Skills

I am hard worker with ambitious goals. I always consider myself be in touch with marketing and computing. My skills evolving day by day that's why i have specialised in digital marketing. I keep learning and i am doing my best once i love my job. You can get an idea for me from the next table.


Online Advertising




Public Relations

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Bachelor Degree

Technological Institute of Thessaloniki Marketing and Advertising
June 2006 - May 2012

The Department of Marketing belongs to the School of Economics and Management of the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH). The purpose of the department is to promote the science of marketing, its applications, and the development of skills in sales and advertising, using the methods offered by new technologies and informatics.

Work Experience

Digital Marketing Manager

Eposdirect, London

2 years

May 2013 - Present

I am the head of the marketing department and e-commerce manager of the e-Novation Group, I have a 5-member staff and am responsible for the international affairs and marketing in various countries, such as Dubai, Hong Kong, and India. I manage the global advertising budget, by country, and I run both our online and offline activities. Our online activities include social media, SEO, Google Ads, as well as Google Analytics. I make use of the Google Webmaster tool, moz, and semrush to improve our site submissions. I run all our paid advertising campaigns and I am working on our content marketing. Our offline activities include, amongst many others, direct mail and exhibitions

Store Manager

Electronet, Thessaloniki

6 Year

April 2007 - April 2013

Family business where I managed the shop, with assignments such as product manager, buyer, salesperson, and public relations.


Bidmemore, Thessaloniki

16 Months

November 2011 - February 2013

An online auction platform with consumer electronics.

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Some of my recent works that I am proud of. I look at every project to build a strong online branding awareness, not just developing a website.


In the following section you will find the list of my provided services. My secret to success is in the ANALYSIS! I get the right reports and feedback from Google Analytics and some other tools, then I implement the right campaign for every business need. For website building and design services, you can get an idea from my previous work. I can guarantee a ROI for your business based on my services.

Portfolio 1
Website building

Develop, build, and upgrade websites for any type of business. My expertise is ecommerce solutions.

Portfolio 2

Using Google Tools and understanding them, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, etc., I can provide the right reports to help you increase your traffic, and additionally, your conversions

Portfolio 3
Online advertising

Well-researched online campaigns, such as Google AdWords, Bing campaigns, CPC, SEM, affiliate marketing, and much more.

Portfolio 4
Social Media Marketing

Be social! Use your social media networks and enable your social media campaigns to get more leads and engage your current audience.

Portfolio 5
Email Marketing

People love receiving emails and people buy because of email marketing, you can't afford to miss out on it. Build an email list and start email marketing.

Portfolio 6

Professional logos and banners with a mind on simplicity and clarity. Me and my partner group are ready to provide unique work.

An. Papandreou 56
Neapoli Thessaloiniki, Greece
Phone: 0030 6971 869785